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Reviews for Shampoo & Conditioner Combo Pack
5 out of 5, based on 1176 reviews
Joey from Texas on Apr 04, 2015
I am 30 years old and been losing hair since my early 20's. But after taking these pills twice a day for a full month my hair has been thicker and has regrown along the hairline and it's only been a month. Got on this site to purchase another bottle, just thought I'd leave a review to give the undecided some info.
Beverly A. Schubert from Online Submission on Mar 31, 2015
So far it is very good.
Andrew from Online Submission on Mar 30, 2015
After using this product along with the Shampoo, I have to say that I have begun to see the differences. My hair really feels thicker and I am more confident to run my fingers through my hair without fear of losing some hair strands. It leaves my scalp feeling refreshed and when I step out of the shower, I can see my hair is shinier and it just feels healthier. One major thing I've noticed with this product is how much easier it has become to use my comb and actually comb in the style that I want because my hair has become more manageable. I definitely recommend it.
Jewel from Online Submission on Mar 25, 2015
Ultra labs hair solace is one of the best hair products I've ever tried. My hair was instantly rejuvenated. This is a must have for my thinning hair.
Athena B. from Online Submission on Mar 23, 2015
Yes it is a bit costly but it is worth the price! After about 3 weeks of using it and my hair feels thicker, can't wait too have a full thick head of hair soon!
mrs.Rohrer from Online Submission on Mar 23, 2015
I feel in love with this product.
I use it about every other day love it I use I a palm size in my hair for about 2 mints then rinse it out. It makes my hair feel super soft ,I was surprised my hair is very thick and at times. It take me about 45 mints to my hair done now in the morning it take me 15 mints to do my hair hair soft n growing long my hair looks healthy and strong. I will always buy this product love it...I was having promble with my hair not growing but it has started again I seen results within a week love it...im so happy my hair finally growing.
MovieMan "Filmmaker" from Online Submission on Mar 21, 2015
I really like this stuff. It's easy to use first of all. I put it on right when I get into the shower and then wash, shave, brush my teeth...(yes I brush my teeth in the shower when I get up) And the last thing I do before getting out, is rinse my hair. I like that it doesn't leave a bad smell, and my hair feels thicker. I wish I would have taken a before pic before starting this so I could compare, but I feel like it's working well. Again, the ease is one of the best features. Use it once a day and you're done. Love it.
Andrew from Online Submission on Mar 19, 2015
I love Ultrax products. I'm currently using the shampoo and the dietary supplement and have now added in the conditioner. I have psoriasis on my scalp and I find the chamomile assists in relaxing some of the inflammation I usually experience. I've massaged eucalyptus oil on my scalp and now its a bonus that I have it in my conditioner. And I'm amazed at how healthy and vibrant my hair looks. Hair loss can be troubling and having great products to rely on makes me feel more confident that I will keep my hair. I have a combination of thick wavy hair where I have a lot of it and thin hair where I don't. The conditioner balances out the difference. Definitely recommend this conditioner for the sheen appearance! Thanks Ultrax Labs!
Elizabeth from Online Submission on Mar 17, 2015
This conditioner is great! It is the prefect compliment to the Ultrax Labs Hair Loss Hair Growth Caffeine Stimulating Shampoo. Using the two together has given me amazing hair growth and volume! The conditioner always gives my hair the perfect after-salon feel, right from the comfort of my home! My hair feels soft, smooth, tangle-free and super voluminous after I use it. A little really does go a long way; I would recommend starting with less at first to make sure you don't get product buildup, which would ruin that gorgeous soft, voluminous effect you're going for; although with such a lightweight feel, I don’t think this would ever even be a problem! This conditioner is great because it works top-to-bottom: at the roots of the hair to encourage hair growth and discourage hair loss and at the tips to discourage split ends and encourage manageability. In other words, this stuff rocks!
Hadassah Bolton from Online Submission on Mar 17, 2015
This conditioner is absolutely amazing. I already have the shampoo which also does wonders, so i thought it wouldn't hurt to use both to try and increase my hair growth results. I feel safer using the conditioner after the shampoo, because it seems to seal in the moisture right away and I don't have to worry if the product will continue working on my hair even after I get out of the shower. Afterwards my hair feels incredibly soft, shiny, and fuller. It's a little on the pricey side, but I figured you can't put a price on good quality when you want quality results. Plus a little bit of the conditioner goes a long way. It is absolutely worth every penny.