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110% Guarantee

Ultrax Labs is confident in our products ability to support new hair growth. That is why we go above and beyond to offer a risk free experience for our new customers.

Take 60 days – that’s two months - to try out our products. You’ll find that you will be pleasantly surprised with how effective they are. If for any reason they did not meet your expectations, simply send them back. We will even pay you an extra 10% for trying them out.

All we ask is that you give our products a chance to work for at least 60 days. It can take weeks for your body to start responding and improving its function.

To receive your refund with the 10% extra, contact us at any time between 60 and 90 days of purchasing the product. We will provide you with a return authorization and the address to send back whatever is left of the product. The product must be bought directly from our website and a full 3 month supply must be bought in 1 order (3 bottles of the product). Please keep in mind this offer is only available to first time customers and only works on purchase of individual products. This does not apply to combo packs or multiple items. Once a customer has utilized our guarantee, they are no longer eligible for any refunds on any other orders. The refund does not include any upgraded or international shipping charges paid.

Return Policy

We also provide a robust 90-day money back guarantee on any product bought directly from our website. No hidden fees, no hassles. If you aren't 100% satisfied, send us an email at anytime within the first 90 days. We will provide you with a return address so you can send the product(s) back for your full refund. Please keep in mind that to prevent abuse of our generous policies, we only allow the return of one order per customer(or household) and for a maximum amount of $200. The refund does not include any upgraded or international shipping charges paid.

Please contact us at refund@ultraxlabs.com or by using the form below.

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