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Hair Blitz Power Pack

2459 reviews
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For those that are unwilling to make any compromises in their hair health, this is the pack for you. This includes 4 of our most popular and effective treatments in one powerful pack.
Reviews for Hair Rush Power Pack
5 out of 5, based on 2459 reviews
Beverly A. Schubert from Online Submission on Mar 31, 2015
So far it is very good.
Andrew from Online Submission on Mar 30, 2015
After using this product along with the Shampoo, I have to say that I have begun to see the differences. My hair really feels thicker and I am more confident to run my fingers through my hair without fear of losing some hair strands. It leaves my scalp feeling refreshed and when I step out of the shower, I can see my hair is shinier and it just feels healthier. One major thing I've noticed with this product is how much easier it has become to use my comb and actually comb in the style that I want because my hair has become more manageable. I definitely recommend it.
Jewel from Online Submission on Mar 25, 2015
Ultra labs hair solace is one of the best hair products I've ever tried. My hair was instantly rejuvenated. This is a must have for my thinning hair.
SPearson from Online Submission on Mar 25, 2015
I like the tingling feeling you get while shampooing. It feels like such a deep clean and leaves my hair so soft.
Josh Giannakopoulos from Online Submission on Mar 24, 2015
started noticing some premature hair loss happening used this product it is no longer an issue. Idk how it works but it is amazing and I have no complaints highly recommend.
C. Watts from Online Submission on Mar 24, 2015
Great Product!
fscene8me from Online Submission on Mar 24, 2015
I purchased this in addition to the caffine shampoo and they both have done wonders to my hair. I was amazed at how much hair grew back and even got thicker! I will continue to use this product and I recommend you try it!
Athena B. from Online Submission on Mar 23, 2015
Yes it is a bit costly but it is worth the price! After about 3 weeks of using it and my hair feels thicker, can't wait too have a full thick head of hair soon!
mrs.Rohrer from Online Submission on Mar 23, 2015
I feel in love with this product.
I use it about every other day love it I use I a palm size in my hair for about 2 mints then rinse it out. It makes my hair feel super soft ,I was surprised my hair is very thick and at times. It take me about 45 mints to my hair done now in the morning it take me 15 mints to do my hair hair soft n growing long my hair looks healthy and strong. I will always buy this product love it...I was having promble with my hair not growing but it has started again I seen results within a week love it...im so happy my hair finally growing.
Desi'ree Wallace from Online Submission on Mar 23, 2015
This product is wonderful. There was a sufficient result time for growth and thickness from these tablets. Most don't stand up to these tablets and could never in the future. One could say these were very magical. Hair couldn't be more bouncy and thick. This all as a result of this product,. Not sure if you should get it?....I'm telling you now. get it!