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Ultrax Labs Hair Maxx consists of over 20 essentials vitamins, minerals and herbs combined in one blend to give your hair a boost from the inside out.  Hair Maxx is based on solubilized Keratin, which alone has been shown to accelerate hair growth, increase hair thickness and help decrease hair loss. 

Most hair loss supplements just take a biotin supplement and add one or two ingredients. Hair Maxx has been meticulously formulated to work as a complete inside out nourishment to support proper follicular function. Hair Maxx is safe and effective for both men and women.  For best results, take for a minimum of 90 days.
Active Ingredients

  • Nettle Leaf Powder - Extracts of nettle root have been shown to partially bock DHT
  • Pumpkin Seed Powder - Has been shown to help in promoting a healthier and faster hair growth
  • Saw PalmettoClinical trials have shown that Saw Palmetto may block an enzyme, 5-alpha-reductase, which facilitates the change of testosterone into DHT. DHT is considered a major cause for both male and female pattern baldness.
  • Biotin, Zinc, Vitamin B6 and Magnesiumare some of the other included follicle boosting ingredients

hailey k. from Baltimore, MD on Jun 24, 2013
I didn't want to spend the money at first but I watched a 3 month review and update blog on YouTube and it seem like every update her hair was getting longer and longer including nails.
Still I didn't buy them yet so I am currently natural and besides the bald/thin edges and just slow growth overall I bit the bullet and purchased them.
Some say one month isn't long enough for results but I cut my hair completely off where you could see my scalp I started the supplements February 10th and in one month my hair has grown like crazy it's thickening up and my edges are in full effect.
I'm on my 2nd bottle month and I am excited to see the results by the way I'm black with natural hair. Everyone is different keep that in mind and your results will vary may come fast or slow
pamela albert from Hollywood, FL on Jun 24, 2013
I was prepared to be patient, but I began to see real results in only the second month. I have shown the bottle to my health professionals and they are all comfortable with the ingredients . I'm going to be the only lady in this retirement community with no bare scalp!
ganish from Capitola, CA, on Jun 24, 2013
I wanted to share my experience using HairMaxx for the past 30 days. This product really seem to be doing the job. I spent a ton of money trying to stop my hair from shedding and I came across the product.
I thought what do I have to lose. And let me tell you I started using this May 19th two weeks later the shedding had slowed down a bit until june and three days later and I have no shedding at all. When I say NO shedding...there is none!..I did take a trim on Memorial Day weekend because the shedding made my length choppy looking and uneven so I had to take some of it off. I also saw an improvement in my skin.
It seems a bit more moist than before which was ok! by me. My nails also got got very strong and is growing faster that they ever did before. The only thing I did extra was I tried to drink additional water. But I got amazing results.
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la teacher from Mount Carroll,IL on Jun 24, 2013
My hair started growning in the front of my forahead where it was thining. When I went back to the barber he said my hair looked great. My nails started growing too and are stronger. I would recommed this. I used it a month before I could see a real difference. I hope it works for you too. I have been using this product for four months.
ashley t. from Tappen,ND on Jun 24, 2013
I have been taking these as part of my "hair growth" regimen for a couple of months now. I have always had very fine hair, but in quantity.
This quantity has diminished significantly over the past few years...I noticed a little bare spot (about 1/4 cm) on my part about 3 years ago, and my hairline has definitely been much sparser in the widows peaks, and my scalp was visible thoughout if I didn't brush my hair flat against my head.
I was always VERY self concious and decided to do something about it. I have always taken "hair skin & nails" supplements, but they just didn't seem to make that big of a difference.
After 3 months of hair maxx the little bald spot had filled in. My hairline is all filled in--my widows peaks which looked as bad as the Evil Queens from Disney are completely filled in.
My hair is growing faster now --1.5 inches per month. I do color treat and flat iron my hair, so it suffers a lot on a daily basis. I have tried all sorts of expensive shampoos and conditioners and found them to be a waste...beauty truly comes from within!
Jonathan from New Port Richey, FL on Jun 23, 2013
I was referred to hair maxx by my hair stylist after they commented on my crown thinning out. I purchased it on amazon as it was $10 cheaper then buying it there. Ingredients are great in there as well, especially the keratin.
I saw some results after one month of usage but my hair started getting a lot thicker after the 2 month mark. Only having to swallow couple pills at a time makes it a lot easier to swallow.
glamgal from New York, NY on Jun 21, 2013
I have tried every hair regrowth product under the sun from shampoos to prescription spiro and had not seen any results.
I started using Hair Maxx at the end of February-Since I have started my hair has grown at least 4 inches!
My nails have always been very thin and brittle, now they are growing long and beautiful.
As far as regrowth, I check my hair every other week and I see small hairs growing from my roots (which weren't there before).
I have been struggling with hair loss for the past 3 years now and I am only 24 years old so it has been a major headache and has impacted my confidence greatly.
I have had every test done and all of my labs come back fine..
Since taking hair maxx and noticing regrowth I am slowly but surely regaining my confidence.
I will continue taking this product for as long as its made.
I have had no side effects what so ever and its being an all natural pill is a big plus for me!
It does take some time so keep with taking 2 pills everyday even if you don't see any changes, it will come!
Every time I purchase this product it is at my door within 3 days! And as a plus these are very easy to swallow and dont have a nasty aftertaste.
RXQueen from Tucson, AZ on Jun 20, 2013
I had taken this last year for about 6 months to stop my fine, thin hair from falling out so fast, ran out, and didn't repurchase.
Well - a month or so later, I noticed my hair was falling out in the shower and also when I'd comb it after coming out of the shower.
I immediately repurchased Hair Maxx and stopped taking my Biotin supplement as this contains that as well. I've been taking two Hair Maxx tablets a day for the past 5 or so months. I'm happy to report that my hair loss has stopped. I wasn't looking for my hair to grow longer, because it's just too thin, just wanted to retain what little hair I have and the supplements are helping. I won't make the mistake of not taking these again. Dag, getting older sure is expensive...
alexisg from Myrtle Creek,OR on Jun 20, 2013
I just started tacking these with the hopes of thickening up my hair and speeding up growth as my hair grows extremely slow. Its been 2 weeks and no miracles yet but will give it time to grow. I have tried other treatments as well and none seem to work for me yet so hoping this gives me a bit of a boost.
I bought these bc of the keratin in here as that was recommended by my stylist to aid in hair growth.
yourstruly from Dallas,TX on Jun 18, 2013
just keep at it :) i gave up after 4 months, but then two separate hairdressers commented on how much baby hair was all over my scalp without knowing i was taking any supplements (i was getting extensions and it made their job twice as hard to put them in). so im back on it! :) hair growth has been almost 2x faster than normal. you'll notice baby hairs at your hairline first, like cowlicks, they have a mind of their own! now they've grown out and my hair feels so much healthier :) highly recommend.
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