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Hair Solace Conditioner

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Ultrax Labs Hair Solace contains caffeinated compounds integrated with essential oils that produce unrivaled results when coupled with Ultrax Labs Hair Surge. Supported by worldwide research and customer feedback, this highly concentrated formula is finally available for all.

Active Ingredients

  • Caffeine - Studies have shown that when applied transdermally, this powerful ingredient can help extend the life cycle of hair follicles and encourage healthy hair.
  • Eucalyptus - Japanese studies have found this herb to strengthen the hairs root by improving elasticity in the new-growth part of the cortex.
  • Chamomile Recutitta - Chamomile has been used for generations to treat inflamed and irritated skin and high levels of inflammation has been show to hinder hair growth.

incrediblehulk from Linntown,PA on May 20, 2013
Ordered the conditioner after being happy with the ultrax shampoo over the past two months. Whether this conditioner adds anything in terms of hair growth or not I am still skeptical about - but figured I would give this a shot. WIll keep everyone posted on my results
John M. from Le Roy,KS on May 17, 2013
After getting great results with the hair surge shampoo I decided to add this on to my regime. I love this conditioner, leaves my hair feeling great and any extra hair growth boost is a plus. Has a pleasant smell and a nice thick texture.
Also seems to help with frizz. My go to conditioner now. Just not sure if the results are due fully to the shampoo or the combination of both
kingjacob from Mill City,OR on Apr 08, 2013
The conditioner works really well with the hair surge shampoo.
The shampoo and especially the conditioner made my hair immediately feel more full and strong. If it hadnt, I would probably have stopped the treatment after the first month of using them. I cant tell you how encouraging it was to feel some progress immediately.
My hair looks really soft and full after using the conditioner. I recommend this to anyone with thinning hair and to anyone using a hair loss treatment because its really soothing your scalp also.
mike_connor from Tucson, AZ on Apr 08, 2013
Conditioner works well for thinning hair. Hair seems thicker and is more manageable, not greasy with this conditioner. Seems to help with frizz. Works well with it's companion shampoo as well as others. Pleasant but not too strong sent.
Teresa H. Boyd from Enon, OH on Mar 30, 2013
I like the way it feels on my hair. Feels great and smells good. I had weight loss surgery last year and in the process of losing a lot of weight my hair started falling out in abundance (typical for WLS patients). I was told to try this product along with the "Hair Surge" shampoo. I'm 11 months out from surgery now and the hair loss has gone back to normal, everyday stuff. I've been using these two products for several months now and only wash my hair every other day. I only use a very small amount. The shampoo lathers up wonderfully and the conditioner is silky smooth. My hair has started growing again and filling in from being very thin. I have more volume now and visible new growth all over. Even though this is expensive, I'll keep using it.
paulrobert from Delano,PA on Mar 29, 2013
The hair solace conditioner is one of the best conditioners I have tried. It is a thick white cream which you apply and leave-in for a couple of minutes. I wash my hair with hair surge and then use the conditioner, roughly 2 times a week. I recommend it with conjunction of the Ultrax Labs Hair Surge Caffeine Hair Loss Hair Growth Shampoo as I have experienced visible results on hair growth and they completely elliminated any further hair loss.
frank perillo from Curran,MV on Mar 11, 2013
Ive recently picked this up after being highly impressed with the results I got from using the ultrax shampoo. I'll take any extra benefit I can get, and this conditioner does not disappoint in leaving my hair feeling soft and full when I use it once or twice a week after shampooing my hair. I'm on my first bottle and seems like it will last me a while based on how I've been using it.
REINALDO GABRIELLE from Camp Pendleton,CA on Mar 11, 2013
Not accustomed to spending this much on hair products but I purchased the shampoo and conditioner and am happy with both of them so far. My hair was feeling thin and after using this product for 3 months it actually feels thicker....would recommend to anyone who has thinning or losing hair.
pocketrocket from Melbourne Village,FL on Mar 04, 2013
Liked the ultrax shampoo for the results so use this as the conditioner. Works great with my regiment for hair loss and makes my hair feel great out of the shower. Im counting on the fact that this gives an additional boost to kicking my hair loss , so all the better.
yogatara "tara" from Meadowood,PA on Jan 28, 2013
Have been using the conditioner with the hair surge shampoo and have experienced great results. Conditioner leaves my hair very soft and manageable. I am not sure to which product the results are because of as I started using both at the same time but i have had significantly less hair loss using this with the shampoo.
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